Pure Western Diagram

Does the Pure Western standard size fit into your guitar?

The Mini Pure pickups will fit any bridgeplate while the standard size Pure may be too big for some guitar models. K&K recommends the Mini Pure pickups in all 6 sting guitars as a first choice because they have a very flat frequency response in pretty much any flat top guitar model.

We recommend the the Pure Western Standard Size for 12 string guitars.

The standard size Pure pickups can be installed with a removable polyester tape installation method. They can of course be mounted directly with superglue directly as well. Direct mount provides a very strong output signal. This signal, in some 6 string guitar models, is extremely strong in the bass response and also very pronounced in the midrange. That’s why we recommend it for 12 string guitars only. These guitars have thicker tops and more massive bridges and can take the extra sensitivity and the low and low-mid response of the standard size pickups.

Here is a actual-size diagram of the standard size Pure Western :
pin hole side

soundhole side

Note: The diagram may appear bigger than original size on your screen, however, on a printout it should be properly sized. Please double-check with dimensions below:

Total dimensions mm (all 3 pickups): 22mm (height) x 61mm (length-left to right)

Total dimensions inches (all 3 pickups):0.86″ (height) x 2.4″ (length-left to right)

Please print this entire page with the FILE/PRINT command and cut out the diagram along the outer edges of the left and right pickups and along the dotted line (so you end up with all three pickups on ONE piece of paper). Follow the instructions below to check the fit in your guitar.


#1: Place the guitar on a table.

#2: Loosen the strings and put a capo on the 10th fret.

#3: Pull out the string pins and pull out the ball ends of the strings.

#4: Position the guitar so you can comfortably put your hand into the soundhole and feel the inside structures underneath the bridge with your fingers.

#5: Place a turned-on flashlight (good size please not just a key chain light) inside the guitar.

#6: Position the flashlight way back in the lower bout of the guitar and let it shine towards the soundhole.

#7: Place a small handheld mirror inside the guitar under the bridge. You may have to use one or two audio cassette boxes or similar to support the mirror in case there is a brace in the way. Adjust the mirror so you can see the bridgeplate when you peer through a pinhole. You have to get one eye directly over a pinhole.

#8: Hold the cutout-diagram on the bridgeplate between pinholes and soundholeside-edge of the bridgeplate.

#9: Allow for about an extra 1/8″ (3mm) distance between pinholes and bridgeplate-edge for the ballends. A little less than 1/8″ may be fine, just in case. A ball-end may touch the pickup but it should not “bite” in it.

#10: The diagram should fit entirely on the bridgeplate, hower a small overlap on the soundhole side is acceptable. It should not be more than 3/32″ (2mm).

#11: If the diagram overlaps more than 2mm or if it does not fit between the X braces at all, please order the 1/2″ diameter MINI PURE Pickups. The Mini Pure will sound just as nice and they will fit pretty much any bridgplate. They provide a little less output than the standard size pickups though. The tone quality is the same. Smaller bridgeplates are usually more responsive because they have less material. Like this there will be more vibration for the pickups to work with. This almost makes up for the difference in output level.

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